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Site layout

Templates, skins

Templates possibilities have actually been really improved in this version5.02.XX. Full customisation is possible depending on how well you can deal with cascading style sheets (CSS.

Some more useful information :

The different configuration sections of the layout of your site have been gathered in an admin/Configurations area.

The first icon, Themes Config , allows to specify the general designs of the site (default skin, smileys, avatars et general design theme) and themes specific to the selected skin (icons, counters).

Look Config allows to modify colours and designs of the current skin  or any other standard skin!
Don't forget to generate the style sheet of your skin in Style Config. It is a "generic" style sheet that you can completely customize by adding a styleplus.css in Style Config. If there is styleplus.css file will be automatically loaded to view your personal modifications..

Do not make manual corrections in style.css, remember that they will be lost if you refresh the style again by the automatic procedure. You must book your manual corrections styleplus file to keep them even if you generate new style.css. It may be necessary to refresh the page to see the result.

If you want to use the skin no_skin, you have to make firts a copy of it and name it as you like.
Then you can change colours and design as you can do for the skin no-skin.
This change has been made to keep originla state of the skin no-skin so that it can still  show in case of crash when adding a new skin.

Some skins will not allow configuring colours and design, when their designers use advanced parameters or don't feel like letting the harmony of their work broken.

Style Config allows though to modify manually the style of the latter (like for all others de toutes les autres) at your own risks because it entails substantial knowledge of CSS language.

If your change won't be saved, it means you need to change permissions (chmod = change mode) in ans style sheets.

The administration page is totally independant and is managed by the skins of the skins directory.

You will get more explanations about style sheets of GuppY in the tutorial about the skins of the v5.

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